November 4, 2010

Visual Marketing!

by bajunajewelry
Here is an excellent example of  visual marketing right here on Coral Way in West Miami!  This young seafood vendor is enthusiastically displaying a huge red snapper and an enormous Florida spiny lobster.  Visual marketing like this really works when you really do have a big fish to brag about! 
We could see him from two blocks away as he waved his catch in the air with his seemingly tireless arms! Just to give you perspective we pulled up to the fisherman to take a picture.  He is at least 6ft. tall and the snapper has to be at least 4ft. long!  As you can see the lobster is huge! 
This guy didn’t mind me taking his picture at all!  I was thinking to myself what a beautiful spoiled dinner with him holding that fish out there in 90 degree heat!  Oh no!!!
I was the one fooled when I could see the truck with coolers nearby with who I think was the boy’s manager trying to get him to hurry us along because we were blocking the traffic and potential customers behind us.  Get back to work you ham!
The fish was actually a rubber fish upon closer inspection!  (Really closer inspection!)  No good seafood suffered any harm during the making of this commercial!
Contact me for any suggestions for stories in the West Miami area!

September 21, 2010

Hello West Miami!

by bajunajewelry


Good Grief!  Its hot here!  My dad moved us to Homestead Florida for his retirement from the Air Force in 1975.  I was 13 and didn’t think 80% humidity was even possible!

I love the motley Miami culture I now belong to.  What a fun…. ok FUNNY… bunch of people!  I am amazed at how people get by over here and some by pure genius!   I am amazed at what they have to do to survive, their inventions, their artwork and their just plain being silly!

If it sounds like I am poking fun at other people and their different way of doing things you are absolutely right!  You know who you are and you know you would laugh too!

Look at this Cadillac!  I found it in my Winn Dixie parking lot at SW 67 Ave. & SW 8th Street.  Most of the chrome looks all original except for the really cool chrome or stainless steel drawer handles that were meticulously mounted up and down the sides and front and back of this fantastic car!  The workmanship is awesome!  Is he a cabinet-maker by trade?  Or just an excentric that really, really, REALLY,  loves handles?  Hey, maybe these are love handles!  Anyways, I really think this old Caddy is grand!  It’s well taken care of without even a spec of rust!  If I ever meet the owner, I’ll fill you in on his version of the story for this car!

If any of you funny people want to be interviewed contact me!

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